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The Outlaw DJ - Pete Fingers

DJ 'Pete Fingers' AKA The Outlaw DJ is a veteran DJ and Radio Presenter from South Africa. Pete ran The BLENZ 107.4 FM, a community radio station for a number of years on the North Shore, Auckland and is now the host of the popular show 'The Best of Indie & Classic Rock' on the 100% Internet based RBR Rock Radio.

RBR Rock Radio is a non profit Internet based radio station which plays 24/7 ad free Indie & classic rock hits from the last century.  The Best of Indie & Classic Rock is a mixture of current Indie rock and classic rock music from the last century and a laid back chat show, where Pete talks about the history of the songs that he features. He also promotes up and coming local and international Indie bands through the RBR Rock Radio Facebook page and contributions from Monies  INDIE MUSIC Promotions. 'An eclectic source of rock and popular music available on the Inernet'.

The show has a regular following from listeners in South Africa, America, UK, France, Belgium, Zimbabwe,  Australia and New Zealand.
The Best of Indie & Classic Rock - is DJ Pete's very own rock music show where he plays a medley of classic rock songs from the last century, mixed with a bunch of brand new Indie rock songs performed by unsigned artists from around the globe. "I love playing the songs I grew up with as a biker when I was an adventurous young man. Songs like 'La Grange' by ZZ Top, 'Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep...
and 'Bad Company' by Bad Company shaped my life style and forged life long friendships. It's a pleasure to be able to play those classic songs again to listeners from that bygon era and of course to a newer younger generation experiencing these rock artisist for the first time. The idea of mixing new Indie rock with golden rock classics is a brave concept and makes for interesting listening. I think my younger listeners will appreciate the mix" - DJ Pete.
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Next LIVE Show: 18/19th August 2017
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Indie Rock band lineup courtesy Monie's Indie MUSIC Promotion
Featured AUG 4/5th 2017
1. Bedrokk
2. Farhaven
3. Ivory Tower Project
4. Stage 11
5. Lemmo
6. The Stoles
7. The Tearaways
8. The Tomboys
on The Best of Indie & Classic Rock with DJ Pete
Featured AUG  18/19th
1. Loosehounds (UK)
2. Jamie Alimorad
3. Never The Bride
4. Trevor Sewell
5. The Elusives
6. Robert Hunter (EP Debut)
7. David Hegarty
8. Ten
9. Stage 11
on The Best of Indie & Classic Rock with DJ Pete
Next Show Date TBA
1. Love Child
2. Artist TBA
3. Artist TBA
4. Artist TBA
5. Artist TBA
6. Artist TBA
7. Artist TBA
8. Artist TBA
on The Best of Indie & Classic Rock with DJ Pete
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