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This exclusive Indie & Classic Rock music show presented by Radio Presenter - DJ Pete is only available over the Internet courtesy RBR Rock Radio. All shows are archived on Mixcloud. Click here to listen to previus shows. Check below for more information about this LIVE radio show and start times.
LAST LIVE Show for 2017: October 27th/28th 2017
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Indie Artist Feature Dates on RBR Rock Radio - August to October 2017
Final Episode - 27th/28th October 2017
In this final episode of The Best of Indie & Classic Rock for 2017 we will count down the Top 10 best Indie Artists featured in this show over the last 3 months. Don't miss this killer episode and find out who will be voted 'RBR Rock Radio Top Indie Artist for 2017'
on The Best of Indie & Classic Rock with DJ Pete
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The Outlaw DJ - Pete Unstead
DJ Pete is a veteran radio presenter / DJ from Southern Africa with over 40 years of DJ'ing e​​​​​xperience plus a decade of presenting on radio (FM & Internet).
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